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Get your drive-thru buzzing with our high-energy custom music playlists. 



 per month

Music Meets Premium Coffee

Make a Lasting Impression with 7 Brew Custom Music Mixes

Custom Music Playlists

Our Custom Music Playlists feature upbeat, high-energy tracks that are guaranteed to get your customers pumped and create a memorable atmosphere that will keep them coming back for more.

Low Price

Get high-quality, customized background music at an unbeatable price with 7 Brew’s affordable music service. Enjoy a memorable and energetic atmosphere for just $49.99 per month.

Pick your player

Choose your vibe, pick your player. Elevate your atmosphere with ease using our dedicated hardware player or the convenience of our mobile app. Experience the flexibility to control your background music from anywhere, anytime, with just the touch of a button..

Licensed and Legal

7 Brew Radio is a licensed and legal business music service. All royalties are included in your monthly subscription cost.

Elevate your atmosphere with
7 Brew Music’s auto-updating,
Hand-picked playlists

Custom music playlists created
in collaboration with 7 Brew Barista’s from across the United States


  • Get your customers buzzing with 7 Brew’s custom music playlists.
  • The ultimate music experience leveled-up to 7 Brew brand standards.
  • Select from several custom 7 Brew playlists to get the vibe you need when you need it.  
  • Playlists automatically update over the internet for the ultimate hassle-free music experience.
  • Enjoy professionally curated playlists AND peace of mind knowing that they’re fully licensed and legal to use in your stand.
  • Article: Music Licensing and Keeping Your Business Legal  

Instant Control of Your Music

Select any 7 Brew playlist in seconds from your mobile device.


  • Use your mobile device to select from multiple playlist options.
  • Tap a playlist to play it instantly in your stand.
  • Experience the thrill of a dynamic atmosphere that can be changed with a single touch.

7 Brew Radio electrifies your atmosphere with high-energy music that keeps your customers and employees charged and motivated.

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Soundtrack dedicated Player

Meet PlayerOne

Commercial music player with overhead messaging and Wi-Fi.

$74.50 until 08/01

$99.00 until 12/31

PlayerOne – $149.99

Enterprise Platform

The ultimate music and messaging platform for national franchise organizations .

Overhead Messaging

Insert custom marketing messages between songs at any interval you desire.

High Reliability

Designed using commercial components to support the rigors of 24×7 business use.   

App-Based Control

Control your music in real time using the Soundtrack remote control app. 

Off-Line Playback

PlayerOne downloads your playlist, so the music never goes offline, even when the internet does. 

Integrated Wi-Fi

PlayerOne connects to Wi-Fi and wired networks using DHCP or Static IP addressing. 

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