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Denny’s Radio

The unmistakable Good Vibe at the heart
of Denny’s brand experience.

Music Subscription


Crafted Playlist

Every song is custom selected by Denny’s
marketing team to capture the spirit of the
Danny’s brand experience.

Automatic Playlist Updates

The brand experts at Denny’s will automatically update your playlist each month with new songs to keep your music as fresh as the food you serve.

Full System Implementation

We’ve partnered with the market’s leading music and audio system providers to ensure your speakers and music system is designed right and installed fast.

The Sounds of Denny’s Radio

Professionally curated by region and by daypart, Denny’s Soundtracks can be layered together for a schedule that suits your restaurant. Additional country music mix available for interesting restaurants.

Hits Of The 80s

Hit parade through the 80s in style. The era of the megastars offered a whole new way of self-expression.

Jukebox Rock’n’roll

Wind up the grandfather’s rock! Rock ‘n’ roll and other 50s music to drink a milkshake in diners to.

Most Played Country

Top streamed country songs right now.

Pop FM

Anywhere the radio goes this playlist follows. Mainstream modern pop of today.

SiriusXM BREW Player Showcase

PlayerOne | Media Player

PlayerOne is an on-premises Soundtrack Your Brand music and messaging player designed for the rigors of 24×7 long-term business use.


  • The most stable and reliable business music platform on the planet.
  • PlayerOne stores playlists on its local hard drive, which keeps bandwidth usage low and ensures the music never goes offline, even when the internet does.
  • PlayerOne supports both wired and Wi-Fi network connection types.
  • Connects to any commercial audio system using standard connectors.
  • Solid state drives remove all moving parts and ensure long-term reliability.
SiriusXM BREW Player Showcase

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