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Locations, Zones, and Players

The Soundtrack system is based on three concepts: locations, zones, and players. Locations refer to the distinct addresses of funeral service establishments. Zones represent separate areas within a location where different music can be played, with each zone requiring its own subscription. Players, which are often iPads, are devices that connect to the audio system to stream music to specific zones. The number of players needed is determined by the number of zones in which you want to play music simultaneously.


See below for a more detailed description:


A location refers to the specific address where your funeral service is held. If you operate multiple funeral homes, each with a unique address, each one is considered a separate location within the Soundtrack system. This distinction is crucial as it allows you to manage music individually for each establishment.


A zone refers to a distinct area within a location where distinct music is desired. Each zone necessitates its own subscription. Consider a facility with three areas: the lobby, the chapel, and the visitation room. If you want different music playing simultaneously in each area, you’d require three separate music zones. This arrangement allows for the music experience in each specific zone to be tailored to your preferences.


A player is a device connected to your audio system to play music. Typically, an iPad serves as the music player. The player streams the music content to a designated zone. For example, if you wish to play music in the lobby, chapel, and visitation room at the same time, you’ll need a separate player for each zone. It’s vital to understand that only one device can connect to a zone at any given moment. Therefore, if you have multiple zones, you’ll need an equal number of players to manage and stream music to them.