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Achieve Fitness Goals with Energizing Beats!

  • 100% hands-off system that automatically
    updates the music each month.

Make a Lasting Impression with Discover Strength Radio

Custom Music Playlists

Our Custom Music Playlists feature upbeat tracks that are guaranteed to get your customers pumped and create a memorable atmosphere.

Low Price

Get high-quality, customized background music at an unbeatable price with Discover Strength’s’ affordable music service. 

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Subscribe to Soundtrack Your Brand and have it playing over your Sonos speakers in minutes.

Discover Strength Radio will keep your customers and employees charged and motivated.

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Transform Your Business Ambiance with our Easy-to-Set-Up Sonos Speaker Packages

Experience High Fidelity Soundtrack Music and Control Your Playlists Directly From the Sonos App

  • Seamless setup of speakers in no time
    for immediate music enjoyment
  • Custom system design options available to meet your unique specifications
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for uninterrupted
    music playing experience

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