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The Soundtrack of Fleet Feet


Licensed background music with energy, engagement, passion, and community.

Only $27/month!

Custom Fleet Feet Playlist

Fleet Feet custom playlist curated by the brand experts at Fleet Feet SST.

Automatic Playlist Updates

All Fleet Feet playlists are automatically updated in the background each month to keep your store’s vibe as fresh as a new pair of shoes.

Easy to Implement

The Soundtrack media player connects to any commercial audio system in moments. You can also play the music from your mobile device, Windows PC, or Sonos system.

Explore the Playlists

Select from over 350 ready-made playlists for your Fleet Feet store. From today’s top hits to high-intensity fitness fun, our playlists are updated monthly so the music is always fresh and relevant.

  • Instant access to 350 ready-made soundtrack
  • Diverse music library spanning many genres to fit your running store needs
  • Easy access to seasonal and holiday in-store music
  • Offline playback ensures you will never miss a beat if you lose connection
  • Decorate your business with real-time album art and visualize your Soundtrack

Choose From a Wide Variety of Genres

Here are some of our favorites!

SST Custom Mix

A custom playlist created by Fleet Feet SST designed to express the energy, engagement, passion, and community that is the Fleet Feet brand.

  • 100% – Fleet Feet

High On Life

Too young to grow up. New, youthful, and energized pop music for the young at heart.

  • 93% – pop
  • 7% – tropical house

Dance Hits Only

Get the party started with 20 years of dance hits. EDM, tropical house, and electronic pop bangers.

  • 49% – edm
  • 43% – pop
  • 7% – tropical house

Country Nation

Country music’s mainstream moments through history. Well-known country voices of all sounds and eras.

  • 100% – country

Fleet Feet Holiday Mix

A custom blend of high-energy top 40 and dance mixed with fresh Holiday tracks from today’s pop icons and rising stars. This ain’t your grandma’s Christmas playlist!

  • 50% – modern holiday
  • 30% – pop
  • 20% – edm

Indie As It Were

Indie pop from yesterday and today’s indie with a retro feel.

  • 55% – pop
  • 24% – pop rock
  • 21% – singer-songwriter

Pop Essentials

Press play and be on your way! The starting point for everything pop.

  • 84% – pop
  • 9% – r&b
  • 7% – edm

PlayerOne $149.99

This commercial hardware solution is designed to deliver easily-managed music from a platform built for stability and mix in custom messaging announcements through a robust, user-friendly portal.

  • Player stores streamed playlists locally, keeping bandwidth usage low and ensuring loss of connectivity does not disrupt playback.
  • Plug it into your audio system using a 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • Connect to your network over Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Use a PC or iOS app to control features like song skips, volume, and playlist selection.
  • Manage music & messaging schedules for multiple locations through a single online web portal.

Player App by Soundtrack

The iOS and Android apps let you turn your mobile device into a Soundtrack Player.

  • No need to buy a Soundtrack hardware player. Simply download the free app to your device and connect to the service.
  • Select from Lincoln’s library of professionally curated playlists.
  • Perfect for locations streaming from a mobile device to a Bluetooth speaker.


Download the Soundtrack Player App



You can access your Soundtrack Your Brand business music subscription directly through the Sonos app.


  • Soundtrack is fully integrated into Sonos for easy use and reliable connectivity.
  • No cabling is needed! All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, a power outlet, and a mobile device.
  • Change playlists and control your speaker(s) from the Sonos app.
  • Plug-and-play operation. Setup is easy and only takes a few minutes.
  • Sonos users will be charged an additional $5 per month for a platform fee required by Sonos but paid through your monthly subscription.

Audio Systems and Installation

Contact us for a free audio system design and quote!

Contact us for a free audio system design and quote!
Dynamic Media is a leading national provider of commercial audio systems and professional installation. With our team of experienced audio system engineers and network of 8,000+ technicians, we can design, source, and install a sound system that is perfect for your environment… and your budget.


  • DM Commercial Audio
  • JBL Professional
  • Crown Commercial Pro Audio
  • BOSE Professional
  • Harmon Professional
  • And many more!

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