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Licensed background music with energy,
engagement, passion, and community.

Two Custom Playlists

Welcome guests into your spa with the modern sounds of the Lobby Playlist before you transition them to a state of calm and healing with the soothing sounds of the Treatment Room Playlist.

Automatic Playlist Updates

The brand experts at iCRYO will automatically update your playlists each month with new content to keep your sound fresh, interesting, and relevant.

Easy System Implementation

We’ve partnered with market leaders Dynamic Media and Soundtrack Your Brand to make setting up everything from your audio system to your player fast and easy. 

Explore the
Sounds of iCRYO

Modern and energetic. Soothing and tranquil.
Connect your guests to the soul of
the iCRYO brand.

  • Two custom playlists: One for the Lobby and
    one for the Treatment Rooms.
  • 100% hands-off system that automatically updates
    the music each month.
  • Lobby messages that connect with your guests and drive revenue.
  • Fully licensed and legal to use in your business.
SiriusXM BREW Player Showcase

PlayerOne | by Dynamic Media

PlayerOne is an on-premises Soundtrack Your Brand music and messaging player designed for the rigors of 24×7 long-term business use.


  • The most stable and reliable business music platform on the planet.
  • PlayerOne stores playlists on its local hard drive, which keeps bandwidth usage low and ensures the music never goes offline, even when the internet does.
  • PlayerOne supports both wired and Wi-Fi network connection types.
  • Connects to any commercial audio system using standard connectors.
  • Solid state drives remove all moving parts and ensure long-term reliability.
SiriusXM BREW Player Showcase
SiriusXM BREW Player Showcase

Audio System

Audio system packages configured to the exact needs of your facility.


iCRYO Commercial Audio Systems

  • Free audio system design and configuration for your spa.
  • Configured using well-known manufacturers like JBL and Crown.
  • Professional installation provided anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Complete the form below and a sales engineer will contact you within one business day.

Music experts are standing by!

If you would like to learn more information about our music for business options, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

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