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The Soundtrack of Uptown Cheapskate


Licensed background music with energy, engagement, and passion.


Music & In-Store Messaging Included!

Trending Playlists

Feeling energized? Sophisticated? Chill? We’ve got you covered with 450 ready-made playlists that automatically update each month, keeping your sound as relevant as as relevant as the latest fashion.

Overhead Messaging

Speak to your clients as they browse the racks with fully integrated overhead messaging. Every customer has a great outfit to sell …sometimes they just need a reminder.

Easy to Set Up

The PlayerOne media player is a snap to install. Simply connect to power, the internet, and your audio system to access the most the powerful business music platform on the planet.

Explore the Playlists

Welcome to professionally curated playlists that keep your store energized from open to close. Modern pop. Heat-seeking rap. Indie dance electric. The latest kicks from hip hop. It’s the music that meets the moment.

  • Instant access to the hottest kid-friendly playlists and music on the planet
  • Quickly integrate seasonal and holiday music into your sound
  • Offline playback keeps the music playing – even when the internet goes down
  • Use the schedule feature to combine playlists and create your custom sound
  • All music is family-friendly and appropriate for business use

Choose From a Wide Variety of Genres

Here are some of our favorites!

Custom Mix

Dazzle your customers with custom mixes designed to express the energy, engagement, passion, and community that is the Uptown Cheapskate brand.


Pop FM

Anywhere the radio goes this playlist follows. Mainstream modern pop of today.

Boutique Pop

Modern indie pop and trendy r&b for the fashionista

Indie Dance Electric

Indie dance reincarnated as the softer side of EDM. Electronic dance music from this side of the millennium with a bit of an alternative feel.

Kicks and Bass

Modern electronics in R&B and EDM.

Payday Hip Hop

Recently penned and recorded in under three days to make a mark in the industry. Your favorite lesser-known rapper or their favorite rapper.

PlayerOne by Dynamic Media

Welcome to the next-generation streaming player for business. Equipped with a modern user interface and all the advanced features you need to keep your business music managed to perfection.


Overhead Messaging

Insert custom messages into the music stream that play to customers while they are in your business. It is a great way to inform customers of current promotions, make announcements and drive customers to high-margin products and services.


Central Management

Manage and control all of your locations from a central web portal. View the health of each player, see what’s playing now, see a list of recently played songs, and so much more.


Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connect your PlayerOne to your wired data network, or enable the Wi-Fi feature to connect using your wireless network.

Soundtrack Your Brand Benefits

Unleash the Power of Music in Your Business

The right music can transform your business. It will motivate your employees and energize your customers. It will create an emotional connection with your customers that will keep them coming back. Welcome to the only music platform that makes what your customers hear in your business as good as what they see on the racks.

Control the Mood

Our playlists use elements like mood, energy, tempo, and style to create a signature sound that sets your business apart.

Display Songs

Do you have a TV or tablet in your business? With Soundtrack, you can decorate your business with the album art of the song that’s playing in real-time.

Explicit-Lyrics Filter

We know how important clean music is to your business. Our explicit lyrics filter automatically removes all explicit content. If you hear a song that you don’t like, simply block it at the touch of the button.

Offline Playback

Your PlayerOne downloads songs when it’s online and plays them from its hard drive, which means the music will always play, even if the internet stops working.

Audio Systems and Installation

Contact us for a free audio system design and quote!

Dynamic Media is a leading national provider of commercial audio systems and professional installation. With our team of experienced audio system engineers and network of 8,000+ technicians, we can design, source, and install a sound system that is perfect for your environment… and your budget.


  • JBL Professional
  • Crown Commercial Pro Audio
  • BOSE Professional
  • Harmon Professional
  • And many more!

Music experts are
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