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Featuring SiriusXM Music for Business and Soundtrack Your Brand

Approved Music Program

Open to all UW Health departments and clinics

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World-Class partner

UW Health has teamed up with Dynamic Media, the world’s largest background music reseller, to offer a one-stop-shop for getting music, staffed by experts in the field.

Top Music Options

You can choose between SiriusXM Business or Soundtrack Your Brand. Your Dynamic Media music expert will assist you in selecting the right solution.

music for Surgical suites, patient waiting areas, clinics,and more

Each area of the healthcare system has unique background music requirements, and UW Health Radio offers pre-designed music and audio system packages to make it easy.

Personalized Onboarding

Dynamic Media will customize the onboarding process to meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience.

Clinics and Patient Waiting Areas

Elevate the Healing Atmosphere of Your Waiting Room with the Power of Music


  • Select from professional playlists designed for use in a waiting room environment.
  • Discover how the appropriate music can decrease patient stress and anxiety levels and transform the ambiance of your waiting room.
  • Utilize music to safeguard patient privacy by using it to mask conversations and minimize the risk of overhearing confidential information.
  • Create a positive perception of your services by utilizing professional music that sets the right atmosphere.

Empower Surgeons with the Music They Love

Create the Ideal Operating Room Environment with SiriusXM Music


  • SiriusXM Business is the top surgical suite music solution in medical centers nationwide.
  • With 340+ SiriusXM music channels that doctors know and love, you can find the perfect music for any situation.
  • The SiriusXM Media Player is easy to use and works like a regular radio, making it a user-friendly option for your medical center’s music needs.

UW Health Radio brings a soothing atmosphere that keeps your patients and employees at ease.

Or call Megan Foti at 586-693-1099

Get the Perfect Audio System for your Medical Space

Free audio system design and speaker layout for UW Health facilities.

  • Experience a personalized approach to your audio system needs with our team of professionals who will design a custom solution tailored specifically to your space.
  • Enjoy the highest-quality sound with DM Commercial Audio speakers and amplifiers.
  • Hassle-free installation by our team of over 8,500 experienced technicians


Soundtrack dedicated Player

Meet PlayerOne

The ultimate music platform for clinics, hospital departments, and patient waiting areas.

1000+ Playlists

Enjoy over 1000 professional playlists, which are updated every few days, providing a fresh and interesting music experience.

Overhead Messaging

Insert custom marketing messages between songs at any interval you desire.

High Reliability

Designed using commercial components to support the rigors of 24×7 business use.   

App-Based Control

Control your music in real time using the Soundtrack remote control app. 

Off-Line Playback

PlayerOne downloads your playlist, so the music never goes offline, even when the internet does. 

Integrated Wi-Fi

PlayerOne connects to Wi-Fi and wired networks using DHCP or Static IP addressing. 

SiriusXM Business dedicated Player

Meet the SiriusXM BR3

Discover the top player solution for surgical suites nationwide, spanning from coast to coast.

240+ Professional Stations

Choose from 240+ music channels programmed by some of the best programmers.

Easy Set-up

The player works on Wi-Fi and connects to any commercial audio system.

Touch-play Interface

One of the only players in the industry that allows users to control the music directly from the radio.

100+ Xtra Channels

Enjoy 100+ music channels made for any mood, occasion, or activity, available exclusively via the SiriusXM Streaming subscription.

No Ads

You’ll never hear ads, interruptions, or DJs on any of our dedicated business channels.

High Reliability

Designed using commercial components to support the rigors of 24×7 business use.   

Music experts are standing by!

Complete the form, and we will respond within one business day. Feel feel to contact Megan directly by phone or email.


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Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM EST